RTE Psychology works directly with schools across the Aylesbury Vale, Chiltern and Wycombe district areas of Buckinghamshire and offer annual contracts or ad-hoc requests for involvement.

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This is a joint problem-solving, solution-focused and collaborative process, the aim of which is to explore and develop a shared understanding of what has been happening for the child or young person and establish clear ways forward for the future. The consultation process most often involves the educational psychologist meeting with the child or young person, their family and key supporting staff within the school. An observation of the child/young person usually precedes a consultation meeting (as outlined below).


Observations can be focused on an individual or whole class and are usually carried out as part of the consultation process (as outlined above).


Generally, assessment is focused on an individual child or young person, about whom the family/school have concerns. As part of the individual assessment process, the educational psychologist will usually:

  • Carry out a consultation
  • Observe the child or young person in class or meet with them at home if required
  • Carry out individual work with the child or young person
  • Provide a full written report, outlining the nature of involvement, results of any assessment work, and suggesting next steps/strategies to support the child or young person moving forward
  • Support the school to review the child/young person's progress, 6 to 8 weeks after initial involvement.

Staff support and coaching

This takes place on an individual basis, with a focus on supporting and developing staff wellbeing and professional practice. Sessions can be one-off or part of an ongoing package of support.

Training and workshops

For more information about the training that can be offered, please click here.